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Acer Predator Z35


RM 3,579.00

Epson LW-900P
Category Labelworks Printer
Unit Price (RM) 799.00



Hardware Specification 
PC Connectable, 360dpi thermal printer, Tape Width
(9,12,18,24,36mm), Custom Printable Lines via software,
Auto Cutter Built-in (Full, Half, Corner), N° of keys: 1
tape feed button, AC Adapter & USB cable (Included)

Special Print Mode 
Multi-Block Printing, Verticial Printing, Mirror Printing,
Enlargement Printing, Flag-Style Printing (double-sided),
Double-sided Tab Printing, Wire Wrap Printing, 14 types of
Barcode Printing, Auto Increment (0-9, a-z, A-Z), Repeat
Printing, Margin Setting (Manual/Auto) for cost saving,
Last Label Memory, Accent Learning, Auto Tape Width &
Cover Open Detection, Energy Star product.

Bundled Printable Content
Epson Label Editor: Wizard, Pre-set Labels (format),
View History, Import Data (.xls, .xslx, .txt, .csv),
Background Patterns, PC/Mac Compatible, 2 Tape
Cartridges of Black on White; Width 12mm x1 and 36mm x1; 4m Long.
(Virtually can print any language/graphic using Epson Label Editor Software)